Potential protégés are nominated by a guidance counselor or school principal.  Generally they are chosen because of the student's dedication to their school work and the potential for success in their future.  The students who show the self drive and determination but need that something extra to help them leap the hurdles and pass the milestones of middle school and high school toward college.

As a protégé you will complete an application and interview with founder/director, Jeff Rotsky, and/or Director, Joe Klir.  The protégé will have to sign and commit to a creed that binds them to participate and support The Rotsky Foundation.  The protégé will also commit to being responsible to contact and see their mentor at least once a month with a goal of a long-term friendship with their mentor.

Mentor n. a wise and trusted counselor

Protégé n. a person who is aided and guided in his career by an influential person