You know all the reasons why you should volunteer more often—it benefits others, just plain feels good, and helps you bank good karma—but if those aren’t giving you the motivation you need, try these: Volunteering just one day a month will give your life a greater sense of purpose and will make you feel more connected to your community.

Researchers looked at survey data collected from more than 3,200 Americans who were asked questions related to the frequency of their volunteer work and their mental and physical health. Turns out there’s a significant correlation between social well-being and volunteer work. Those who volunteered also experienced a lasting boost in “eudemonic” well-being, or feelings that your life has purpose, the study finds. Why? Volunteering makes you feel good about yourself, and helps you form new relationships with the people in your neighborhood.

Think you’re too busy? It’s not about how much time you give, it’s about forming an identity as a volunteer. That means you have to give back regularly enough to consider the activity part of who you are. It may only require just 3 to 4 hours of volunteering each month, or maybe you become so involved that you choose to give more.

OK, you’re convinced. But where to start?  Fill out the Volunteer Application today and start experiencing the Extraordinary new YOU!