Just a few Testimonials from our seniors.  Click here to view photos.

Danielle Harris
, a senior at Cleveland Early College at John Hay, is immensely dedicated and passionate about serving her community in a multitude of ways. As Chair of the City of Cleveland Youth Council and former President of the NAACP Youth Council, Danielle has worked tirelessly to fight for the voices of all peoples to be heard and advocates for those who believe they are voiceless. As a legal intern, Danielle has worked on cases ranging from murder trials to rape cases, to give all people a chance to have their voices rightly heard in the court of law. Danielle’s works are, however, not only limited to civil rights, she also has a burning passion for performance. She is the captain of her high-stepping team at school, she plays alto-sax, has competed at Nationals for Oratory, and has danced in All-City’s production of The Wiz. She plans to study Philosophy and Dance at Harvard or Yale University and then continue onto law school with intentions of becoming an attorney and a professional dancer.

Anthony Harris
Education is the road to success. This thought has been played over and over again in my mind from the very first day of high school. Knowing that success is something that I wish to achieve in life, I had no choice but to go to a college or university that would fulfill my dreams. With this in mind, I plan on to continue my education at Howard university with the goal to obtain a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA) with a concentration in acting. 

    Howard university has been the school of my dreams for a very long time, and knowing that I will be able to attend this school is a dream come true. In addition to this, being able to study theater, my passion, at the school of my dreams has made this one of the greatest years of my life. When I look into the future, as far as my career is concerned, I see myself as an actor on stage, in film, and also participating in voice acting. There has been nothing that I desire to do more than to grow in my craft and continue my acting career.

    The Rotsky Foundation has been one of the driving forces that has kept me on the road to education as well as on the road to success. I just want to thank this amazing team for everything that they have done for me over the past five years. If education is the road to success, then I've been on that road for a long time, and I don't plan on getting off any time soon.

My name is Savannah-Rae Jackson, from Cleveland, Ohio and I am a senior at Whitney M. Young and High Tech Academy. I am an individual who values education and is the valedictorian of my graduating class, and carries a 3.8 gpa (4.6 on honors scale).  Along with academics, I learned to value the things that I am passionate about. One of the first passions I can recall is my eagerness to write. I created a story book in elementary school where I would create short stories for my classmates and family to read. Shortly after, I discovered one of my other callings, filmmaking. I fell in love with the creations I could make with both a pen and a camera. Both storytelling and filmmaking have been apart of my life for a long time now and I concluded that I wanted to incorporate these two attributions to my career.  I plan to attend Howard University and study Film, Media and Journalism​. Getting the proper exposure to the industry that I long to work in I feel is best fit at this university. My drive to impact the world through writing, filmmaking and traveling has been a constant motivation for myself and my future.

My name is Kieori Gethers and as I further my education, I will be at the Howard University. During my time there, I will major in Psychology and minor in Theatre Arts. These two areas of study coincide seeing that I am learning about different characters and personalities. As I end my undergraduate years, I plan to search for work in the acting industry along with going back to college to get my Masters Degree in Psychology. If I do not go to school for another four years, it will be due to the fact that I am a full time actress. 

                   Acting is more than a form of entertainment for me, but it also allows me to express myself artistically. I appreciate the art and how I am able to embody and understand a character I don't know without judgement. Most may assume why I am not majoring in theatre arts, but it is because I also want to be able to help others. Giving advice or lending a hand is second nature for me and it's also a passion. These fields won't be a job for me, but a career and hobby seeing that I love to do it.

My name is Terrae Morring from Whitney M. Young leadership academy. Beyond high school I plan to continue my education at Bowling Green State University where I will study psychology. I plan to get my Bachelor degree of science in Psychology . When entering the work force I plan to have my own study where I will have sessions with adults or even children, or work in a hospital. My plan to have a positive impact on our society to make it a better place.